Thursday, April 2, 2009

Teaching and Learning

So I have been thinking today rather deeply about teaching and learning. Or rather teaching is learning. I mean isn't it? For me they are so very intertwined I can't separate them. My job is teacher but I am a learner. I believe my role in this job is to demonstrate how the learning should happen or what it should look like. To be good at it I must open possibilities and pathways for those learning. I expect the learner to practice and think about what they are learning. I expect then to take what I share with them and remix it into their own life. I myself can not stop and take off my teacher hat when I need to learn because if I am to be a good teacher I must also be open to the possibilities and pathways that present themselves while I am teaching. Do we need a new word for the teacher/learner? How about the TLearcher?

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